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Cleanskin Shock Pump – REVIEW

by Jason Lorch
cleanskin mini shock pump
Cleanskin Shock Pump – REVIEW
Cut to the Chase
If you're after a quality digital shock pump at half the price of the bigger brands, then here you have it. It does all the same things as the more pricey brands and leaves you with plenty of change for that chicken dinner.
Excellent price point
Accurate digital reading
Micro-adjust 2-3 PSI air-bleeder
Displays PSI, BAR or KG / CM² units
Auto power on(at 5psi) Auto shut off
Swivel hose with an extended Schrader valve tip
None that we can see

Pump Up The Volume with the Cleanskin Shock Pump!

Why do we sometimes feel the need to pay double or triple the price for a product that does exactly the same job as a cheaper product? It’s a good question and one we should all ask ourselves. Is it because we have an affinity to certain brands (brand loyalty), or perhaps we think that a specific label on a product will perform better than another label?

Well, perhaps the fresh-faced and suitably named Cleanskin brand can shed some light on this. Cleanskin seems to keep producing excellent quality products at a fraction of the big brand’s price tags. Take a look at the Cleanskin Unite 1000 MTB light we reviewed recently, it’s impressive!

Now Cleanskin offers their Digital Mini Shock Pump, which looks pretty much identical to the (rhymes with Jox) shock pump. We’re not quite sure what’s going on here, but we also don’t really care. It’s obvious that these pumps are made under the same roof, somewhere, and a different label is placed on them at the end of the factory line? Could we be too harsh here? You tell us.

What really matters is that you get a digital shock pump that rivals the top brand’s version at half the price. Chicken dinner anyone?

cleanskin mini shock pump

The Cleanskin Digital Shock Pump has all the quality traits at half the price tag of other brands.
Photo credit: @Richard McGibbon

Who Is Cleanskin?

Cleanskin is a newcomer to the MTB world and offers a small but growing range of products that focus entirely on the product and leave all the vacuous, glossy marketing gimmicks to the larger brands. Cleanskin doesn’t pass on the dollars to you in the gise of uber-cool, fancy packaging and thus can shave off the price tag on their products. We really like this type of low-fi, recyclable packaging and wish we could see more of it in this industry.


Dial-in your suspension setup with the Cleanskin Digital Shock Pump with spot-on inflation accuracy combined with a pressure release button to ensure a precise setup. You can fine-tune your set up with the micro-adjust 2-3 PSI air-bleeder and the Anti-Air Loss Shock Valve.

The Cleanskin Digital Shock Pump boasts a large digital pressure gauge for excellent readability and switches between PSI, BAR or KG / CM² units with a single push-button. This model also has a replaceable battery option. Other more expensive brands didn’t have this option until very recently, so thank you Cleanskin for adding this feature.

The pump also auto powers off so you don’t have to worry about actually turning it off, just do the business and get riding. It also auto turns on when it detects air pressure of 5 psi. The Cleanskin Digital Shock pump is suitable for all air damper and suspension forks.

cleanskin mini shock pump

Swivel hose with an extended Schrader valve tip for easier access.
Photo credit: @Richard McGibbon

cleanskin mini shock pump

Large LED displays PSI, BAR or KG / CM² units.
Photo credit: @Richard McGibbon


  • Large LED display
  • Micro-adjust 2-3 PSI air-bleeder
  • Max. pressure 300PSI
  • Displays PSI, BAR or KG / CM² units
  • Auto power on(at 5psi)
  • Auto shut off
  • Swivel hose with an extended Schrader valve tip
  • Anti-Air Loss Shock Valve
  • 6063 alum barrel
  • Replaceable CR2302 battery
  • Material: aluminium, plastic
  • Gauge: Digital
  • Battery:  CR2032 Button Cell
  • Pressure: 300psi / up to 20.6 bar
  • Weight: 216g


We’ve reviewed a couple of other products from the Cleanskin brand and so far, have been very impressed with the quality of engineering. Check out the UNITE 1000 light, plus the C-Flat Composite Pedal. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, what you get for your money with the Cleanskin products is pound for pound, one hell of a good deal.

Price / Where To Buy?

Cleanskin Mini Shock Pump: $74.95

Available to buy at MTB Direct or ask at your local bike shop.

MTB Direct

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