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The Emperor’s New Clothes

by Jason Lorch
PNW Trail Shorts and Ozone Jersey Review
Cut to the Chase
Sometimes simple is better and we really appreciate the simplicity and functional design of the PNW apparel range. The Trail Shorts and Ozone Jersey offer a thoughtful design that meets riders' needs when it comes to functionality, and performance. If this is just the beginning of PNW's foray into the apparel world, then we can only see good things to come. Time to stop thinking and time to start riding.
20/80 wool/polyester feels like merino at a fraction of the cost
4-way stretch material (shorts)
Ergonomically positioned smart phone pockets (shorts)
Anti-bacterial materials
Highly breathable, moisture-wicking and quick-drying
Sans over the top graphics, classically understated
Lazer perforated armpit, oh yeah!
Lifetime warranty
Bluesign® approved.
Small range at the time of this review

PNW Trail Shorts and Ozone Jersey Review

PNW Components, makers of quality bike components are expanding their line into the apparel scene. With a small range on offer with the Lander jacket, Shuttle shorts, and the Ozone Trail jersey they are stepping into this competitive space with a well thought out approach that offers a glimpse into what’s to come.

The world of mountain biking apparel is fiercely competitive, with so many key players in the market trying to grab your attention, but fortunately for PNW Components they have already impressed the MTB community with their range of components, so slipping into the apparel scene was the next obvious step for this exciting brand.

Shuttle Short

The Shuttle Short has been designed to fit seamlessly into days on the downhill trails and the long climb back up again. The Shuttle Short is all about comfort, with a lightweight and mobile fabric that keeps the elements out and all your gear secure.

Photo: ©Richard McGibbon

The Abrasion Resistant 4-Way Stretch Fabric gives an excellent amount of stretch for on and off the bike.

Photo: ©Richard McGibbon

The side zippered pockets can house a plus-sized smartphone, with room to spare and sits on the rear of the thigh area.


Made from breathable 4-way stretch abrasion-resistant fabric allows for easy pedaling and unrestricted movement, whilst the water-resistant DWR fabric keeps you warm and dry. A long inseam and contoured hem provide good coverage for knee pads. Featuring four pockets in total, with two open pockets at the front and two zippered pockets on the sides of the thighs which can house a plus-sized smartphone.

  • Water-Resistant DWR Coating
  • Abrasion Resistant 4-Way Stretch Fabric
  • Smartphone-Compatible Zippered Pockets
  • 13″ Inseam
Photo: ©Richard McGibbon

Adjusting the fit is a cinch! Old-school design wins out every time.

Photo: ©Richard McGibbon

Ozone Trail Jersey

PNW Components designed the Ozone Trail Jersey to be the jersey that you don’t have to think twice about. Made from a mix of a breathable and soft melange of wool and polyester, the Ozone feels more like merino than polyester, and this is what gives it that favourite old T-Shirt, feel.

The Ozone jersey offers longer-than-usual sleeves and a contoured hem drop tail to provide coverage from the elements at your rear end. In terms of style, it is very understated which makes it a great option for off the bike at home or on any relaxed social occasion. The durable flatlock construction and soft texturized threads provide a seamless and super-comfy feel. So much so, you’ll forget you’re wearing it.

  • 20% Wool / 80% Polyester Blend
  • Bluesign ® Certified Fabric
  • Durable flatlock construction
  • Contoured hem drop tail
  • Slightly longer than most short sleeve
  • Perforated holes under armpits
Photo: ©Richard McGibbon

Yes, PNW socks! Come on Christmas.

Photo: ©Richard McGibbon

Lazer perforation to keep you dry under there.

Photo: ©Richard McGibbon

On The Trails

The Shuttle shorts ticked all the functional boxes for us. They offer great levels of stretch with their 4-way stretch fabric which also offers good levels of abrasion resistance considering how lightweight they are. If you do happen to be caught in the rain (good chance of that right now) then the water-resistant DWR fabric is efficient at keeping the water rolling off the surface, but if you do get drenched, don’t panic, they dry very quickly.

Wearing pads is not an issue with the long inseam and contoured hem at the front of the knee. My go-to knee pads are a pair of the iXS Carve EVO + which are not super bulky but bulky enough and I’ve had zero issues with compatibility. Adjusting the waistline is straightforward with an old-school cinch belt and buckle. No velcro to fail here. Sometimes the classic stuff just tends to work and keep on working.

In terms of pockets, the two on the front of the thigh don’t have zips but are roomy enough for snacks, but we only used these when off the bike as we prefer zippered pockets whilst riding, for extra security. However, the two side zippered mesh pockets are a true pocket pleaser. The zips are on the side but the internal pocket sits more on the back of your thigh, which takes a bit of getting used to at first. We assume it is designed to keep bulk and weight away from the sides and front of your thighs, if that was the intention, it has passed the test.

However, there were 20 seconds of panicked and frantic patting of the front and side of my thighs like some deranged dancer as I thought I had lost our car keys, only to remember the unique position of this pocket. So don’t panic! Just slap the back of your thigh.

We can’t overstate how comfortable the Ozone Jersey is. Super-comfortable might not cut the mustard, we may have to resort to Super, Super-comfy! Like an old T-shirt or pair of slippers that you just can’t throw away. The ozone jersey feels lived in as soon as you slip it on, in a good way of course. It has a loose fit, so it may not suit everyone’s tastes. The combination of the soft (almost merino-like) fabric and relaxed fit, makes this a very easy jersey to get on with. It’s the sort of jersey you can wear all day off the bike and then into the night. Someone we know (not naming names) has worn it as their PJ’s. Just saying. It’s super, super-comfy.

Don’t let its understated looks fool you though, because the Ozone jersey is a highly functional piece of kit. Admittedly at first, we thought the fabric would be too hot for most Australian conditions but we were soon eating our words and were surprised at how breathable and light it felt. The 20% wool in the fabric mix is a key to this, wool is a fantastic regulator of heat, plus the laser cut perforated holes under the armpits all combine to provide a jersey that really surprised us.

Photo: ©Richard McGibbon
Photo: ©Richard McGibbon


We doff our hats to PNW Components for diving into the vast space of MTB apparel as it’s not an easy one to make waves in, but sometimes you don’t need to make waves. Sometimes you just need to be the one riding that wave and PNW Components seem to be riding a monster wave of success right now.

Sometimes simple is better and we really appreciate the simplicity and functional design of the PNW apparel range. The Ozone Shorts and Trail Jersey offer a thoughtful design that meets riders’ needs when it comes to functionality, and performance.

If the PNW Lander jacket, the Shuttle shorts, and the Ozone Trail jersey are anything to go by, then we can only see good things come out of the PNW Apparel range.

Choosing what to wear for the ride ahead should never be something you have to spend a lot of time thinking about when all you want to do is jump on the bike and get going. With understated looks but a highly functional design, you won’t have to think twice anymore. Grab shorts, grab jersey, and off you go. Time to stop thinking and time to start riding.

Price/Where to buy

  • PNW Shuttle Shorts: $99.00 USD
  • PNW Ozone Trail Jersey: $49.00 USD

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