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Brubeck Athletic T – Apparel Review

by Jason Lorch

Active-Wear To Tackle Any Adventures

Brubeck are a Polish active-wear brand designing clothing specifically to enhance performance during the most challenging of physical activities such as hiking, biking, mountaineering and outdoor activities in general.

Using the most advanced seamless technology as well as innovative fabrics, they offer very high breath-ability and moisture control parameters.  So we were keen to learn more.

We do have a set of their thermals that we used when we did a basic mountaineering course, which was out in the snow for 5 days, and performed admirably. So when the nice people over at Globewalker offered to kit us out with their Athletic T, we jumped at the chance.

Look and Feel

As soon as we opened the package and pulled out the T, it immediately struck us how sporty it looked, with its angular construction and styling, it certainly oozes athletic! Hence the name.

The Athletic T comes in three different colours, black, azure blue or red. We chose the red, which is a very nice fiery red, with a subtle hint of hot pink in there somewhere.

The fabric is super-soft to the touch and just begs to be next to your skin. It has a slightly brushed feel to the material, which gives it that super soft feeling.. It’s also very light. I mean, really light!

Construction & Features

Brubeck have made this garment to excel in high activity in warm weather conditions. Why? Well let’s go through some of its features.

First off the construction uses a seamless 3D technology knit. This basically means the entire garment uses the least amount of seams possible, which results in a very comfortable piece of clothing.

A great feature of this garment are the small air holes which Brubeck refer to as their “ventilation zones” which have been cleverly placed around hot spot areas of the body where you are most likely to sweat the most.


The Brubeck Athletic T is a technical piece of kit made from amixture of Polyester and Polyamide. Pic: ©Tyres and Soles

Another of the key features of this T is its ability to wick away sweat very efficiently due to its seamless, double-layer knitwear, allowing the skin to breath.

The inner layer is made of polyester which wicks away the sweat from the surface of your skin, then the outer layer, made of polyamide, transfers excessive moisture and heat further away from your body to prevent overheating.

Brubeck have also included other features into the fabric itself, such as anti-allergenic and bacteriostatic features to help reduce any heat related irritation and reduce bacterial growth, typically brought on by a mixture of sweat and dirt. The result of being adventurous I guess.

The T also boasts some well placed high visibility sections on the upper arms, chest and lower back areas. Great for running or hiking at night. Or worse case scenario, being spotted by the helicopter search lights.


The Brubeck Athletic T has some great features including high visibility strips located around the garment. Pic: ©Tyres and Soles


So we’ve gone on about how great it looks, how it feels to the touch and some of its features. Well now we can finally talk about how it actually feels on the body.

If it wasn’t for the odd looks from my wife and co-workers I would still be wearing this thing! Talk about second skin. It’s soooo comfy. The combination of the light and soft fabric plus the seamless 3D construction technology used, creates a fit that is incredibly comfortable.


The ventilation zones can be seen here on the chest area. Pic: ©Tyres and Soles

Brubeck claim that the fit is “loose” but I didn’t find it loose per say, and I opted for a large which was slightly body hugging, in a good way, but relaxed in certain areas. I personally wouldn’t describe it as a lose fit but it’s also not a tight fit. It sits somewhere in-between.

The collar has a slightly larger cuff and due to it’s soft fabric it gives a very secure feeling around the neck line, with no irritable seam stitching or labels. The length of the garment was perfect for me, being 6’ 1” I sometimes need a longer length but this was spot on.

The areas around the chest and under the armpits were a good fit with no odd areas hanging loose or not quite siting right. Essentially, it fitted like a glove.


The red (and the blue azure) is a great colour choice for outdoor adventures, keeping you highly visible in the bush. Pic: ©Tyres and Soles

Out on the Trails

We decided to go for a day hike into the mountains, which included some steep climbs just to make sure we got really sweaty to test out its wicking and drying capabilities. With daypacks loaded up, off we went.

You’ll always going get sweaty on a hike and that’s fine, it’s how quickly your clothing can recover, dry out and thus keep you warm, that’s the important factor. Being wet and cold can lead to other issues such as hypothermia.

Thankfully no such issues were experienced. It was in the middle of the day and the sun was out, but we did get the T nice and sweaty.


The Athletic T felt very comfortable all day with a pack. Pic: ©Tyres and Soles


It had obviously been working hard all day, wicking away sweat from other areas of my body because I didn’t notice any of the tell tale signs such as the nice sweaty belly, but the back area was where I could feel the most moisture.

We decided to drop the packs and stop for a bite to eat. By the time I’d finished my sandwich I was dry! It was quick, very quick. This has to be down to the double layer construction and the air vents all working together in harmony. I was impressed.

Throughout the day I was making mental notes on how the T felt during the hike. I didn’t experience any bunching or riding up around the back, no tightness under the armpits or excess movement around the body. Everything simply worked and worked well.


The Athletic T from Brubeck put a smile on my face! Pic: ©Tyres and Soles

When we got back to the car I was about to do the usual change of top, expecting it to be being soaking wet. But alas, not this time. It was relatively dry.

There was one final bonus and that was the severe lack of the pong you get with a lot of man made fibres once they get sweaty. So we drove home happily dry and sans aroma de bushwalker.


The Athletic T from Brubeck has a truckload of features and left us truly impressed with its performance. Pic: ©Tyres and Soles


We’re fans of merino fibre, always have been and will continue to use the products but… Brubeck have totally thrown us off guard with this man made product.

The athletic T is a very technical and capable garment that does exactly what is says on the box. It’s light, comfortable, wicks away sweat and dries quickly. Yes those words are thrown around a lot these days, but trust us, this does all of that and with brass knobs on.

If you’re in the market for a new active-wear T for your outdoor adventures, then you should seriously stop and consider the Athletic T from Brubeck. We rate it very highly.


GLOBEWALKER is a Melbourne based outdoor gear and clothing company which stocks high-quality European made outdoor active wear, Merino thermals, down sleeping bags and mountaineering gear.

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