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FIRST LOOK – SENDHIT Stanchion Scratch Repair

by Jason Lorch

All hail the ‘Scratch Cover’, fork stanchion repair kit!

Scratching your fork stanchion is not uncommon and can be disastrous. Well, luckily for us, SENDHIT, a small company nestled in the base of the Alpes Maritimes, France has launched a repair kit for scratched fork stanchions to provide an economical and simple alternative to a complete replacement.

A poorly attached bike, a fall on the rocks or stones bouncing up from the trail are all common ways that our forks get scratched, over time. Whatever the cause, the result is always annoying.

Depending on the depth of the scratch, the consequences can range from a simple unsightly scratch to a degraded suspension operation. The seals can quickly become damaged, resulting in a loss of sealing and/or the intrusion of impurities into the fork legs.


The Scratch Cover repair kit comes with all you need to do the repairs yourself.

Until now, the solutions consisted of an expensive change of the stanchions or an improvised repair with poorly adapted products. With Scratch Cover, Sendhit offers riders and mechanics a complete repair kit for all types of mountain bike stanchions: fork, air shock and dropper posts. It restores the smooth appearance of the stanchion, visually reduces the scratch mark and preserves the suspension’s operation.


All you 80’s kids will love the ‘Chemistry for Kids’ nostalgia.

The kit contains all the accessories and a manual to ensure a simple and meticulous repair at home or on the move. The use of an epoxy resin meets the mechanical requirements of a stanchion thanks to its strong adhesion to the metal, its high resistance to friction and its tolerance to oily environments. It is available in transparent or black to match the colour of the stanchions (a gold version is on the way).

sendhit_stanchion_repair_kitRemove any burrs with a file
sendhit_stanchion_repair_kitThe magic goo!
sendhit_stanchion_repair_kitpaint on the liquid
sendhit_stanchion_repair_kitSand off excess.

Three Steps to New Looking Stanchions!

  • Removing the burrs with a file
  • Application of the resin
  • Sanding of excess resin after drying (6 to 8 hours depending on temperature and humidity).

All you really need is a level of precision and delicacy for an optimal result. Anyone can now restore those scratched stanchions to new. Saving you a lot of wonga without having to replace the entire stanchion.


Viola! As good as new and a damn sight cheaper than replacement.

Where to Buy / Price

SENDHIT Stanchion Repair kit: $60.00AUD

Distributed by GTG Imports in Australia, the black and transparent Scratch Cover© kits will be available from the beginning of December 2019, at your local and online stores.

Can be purchased at MTB Direct and other good online retailers or ask at your local bike shop.

Find out more by visiting the SENDHIT website.

MTB Direct

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