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Backcountry Mutherload Strap – Accessory Review

Backcountry Mutherload Strap – Accessory Review

Backcountry Research Brings Us The Mutherload of Straps

The Mutherload Strap from Backcountry Research provides a strong and versatile system to mount what you want, where you want it, anywhere on your frame.

Super lightweight and constructed with rugged materials, the Mutherload Strap is a simple yet very effective solution to securely strapping essential gear to your bike, and lighten the load in your pack.

Backcountry Research are a relatively small brand based in Bozeman Montana and have been making ingenious little gems like this since 2008. Backcountry Research have grown their brand slowly and solidly over the years through word of mouth. 2017 saw them co-sponsor the Yeti/Fox World Enduro team, equipping riders like Richie Rude, Cody Kelley and women’s pro-rider Anne Galyeanand.

First Impressions

There’s no denying, the Mutherload Strap is one tough cookie. Made from #92 industrial UV and rot resistant bonded polyester thread, you could literally hang a car off this thing. So don’t ever fret about it coming apart anytime soon.

The strap features a velcro tab section,  two rubber like shock rings and the whole package only weighs around 42 grams. The best designs are sometimes the simplest ones.

In terms of colours, we opted for a stealthy (some may say boring) black colour option but the Mutherload Strap comes in about 50 colours and creative patterns to choose from.

mutherload strap
The Mutherload Strap is a simple but very effective solution and is now a common sight on the EWS circuit, for very good reasons. Pic:©Richard McGibbon


  • Quickly and easily mounts anywhere on your frame
  • Adjusts to accommodate frames as small as 4″ in circumference (think steel frame) all the way up to a 9″ circumference carbon frame
  • 1″ width easily fits in tight spaces
  • Unique design maximizes grip quotient to keep your precious cargo from hula hooping
  • No more juggling, rubber bands or one handed cinching. Our proprietary dual shockcord preload-strap keeps your tubes, levers, inflation and more tightly bound to keep your goodies from falling on the ground during installation
  • Heavy duty Bartacks used on all shockcord stress points
  • Intuitive on/off design
  • Picker free and won’t snag shorts
  • Sewn with #92 industrial UV and rot resistant bonded polyester thread
  • Clean up is easy, hose off or throw in the wash
  • Built in Bozeman, MT USA
Simply centre your inner tube on the grip-strip and pull the rubber shock cords over the ends of the tube. Pic:©Richard McGibbonSimply centre your inner tube on the grip-strip and pull the rubber shock cords over the ends of the tube. Pic:©Richard McGibbon
Adjust to get it neat and straight. The shockcord will keep the tube in place. Pic:©Richard McGibbonAdjust to get it neat and straight. The shockcord will keep the tube in place. Pic:©Richard McGibbon
Nice and neat! Step one is done. Then just flip it over and pack some other items in. Pic:©Richard McGibbonNice and neat! Step one is done. Then just flip it over and pack some other items in. Pic:©Richard McGibbon


To set up is quick and pain free. Although on our first set up we did put it on slightly wrong, so the installation video was very useful, we’d recommend you watching that first.

To Load

Simply centre your inner tube on the grip-strip and pull the dual shockcords up and over the ends of the tube to lock it down…flip it over and slide in your choice of inflation, multi-tool or levers.

mutherload strap
Once the tube is in place, flip it over and pull some slack on the strap and just slide other items underneath. Pic:©Richard McGibbon

To Mount

Position your bundle where you want it on the bike with the tube and shock cords facing the frame. Feed the slack end through the contoured loop and reef tight.

mutherload strap
Adjusts to accommodate frames as small as 4″ in circumference (think steel frame) all the way up to a 9″ circumference carbon frame. Pic:©Richard McGibbon

Carrying Capacity

The Mutherload Strap has been designed to take a standard 26″, 27.5″ or 29″ tube by itself or with 1-2 16g cartridges, 1-2 20g cartridges, 1-2 25g cartridges, multi-tool, mini pump, levers or whatever combo you want. In our test we packed a 29″ tube, a 25g CO2 cartridge and two tyre levers.

mutherload strap
The Mutherload Strap can carry just your inner tubes or a combination of tubes, CO2 cartridges and/or multi-tool, levers. It’s entirely up to you how you load it up. Pic:©Richard McGibbon

Out On The Trails

Any strap system must only really pass one or two very simple tests. How much can it carry and does it stay put. Meaning, will my gear fall off at the first rock garden I hit? Well, in terms of how much it can carry, it’s pretty basic but these are essential items we are talking about. So we’re all good with only having 3-5 items. Any more and we’re heading into pack territory.

In regards to does it stay put. Well, yes it does. The Mutherload Strap has the gripping power of a barnacle on steroids. It just doesn’t move, at all! On rocky terrain, all day rides, it never budged. Un-mounting is a breeze and you can simply throw it your kit bag with all the items still attached.

On those crusty, wet and muddy rides it will get covered in grunge but washing the strap is easy. We just took it into the shower and got it lathered up and the drying time is pretty swift so it’s ready to go again in no time at all.

mutherload strap
This strap will flat out stick like “poo to shoe” over the most demanding XC/Enduro race courses and trails anywhere. Photo: ©Richard McGibbon


Where to Buy / Price

You can purchase the Backcountry Mutherload Strap at most good bike shops, local or online.

Price: Around $29 AUD

Feature photo: Backcountry Research


  • 9/10
    Durability - 9/10
  • 7/10
    Load Capacity - 7/10
  • 9/10
    Quality - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Function - 8/10


It’s clear that the Backcountry Research ethos is about making products with the best materials available, that’s a no brainer and something you will realise once you get your hands on the Mutherload Strap.
If you’re looking to lighten your load and go for that full enduro look, then the Mutherload Strap is one piece of kit you should take a look. It’s incredibly tough, lightweight and simply works! With 50 different colours and patterns to choose from, it even adds some extra bling to your bike.

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