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First look at the latest and greatest mountain bike gear from around the world.

FIRST LOOK – POC Myelin Commuter Helmet

POC Launch The Myelin – Engineered to be Deconstructed

POC launches the Myelin, a brand-new and award-winning helmet that is focused on protecting our planet’s resources as well as cyclists. It’s a helmet focused on commuting and should be of interest to the vast majority of cyclists, especially those who wish to have a sustainable choice and to see what’s possible if we challenge the conventional way of doing things.

The Myelin is POC’s first helmet which has been constructed with 50% recycled material and where each component has been designed for recycling at the end of its life.

At first glance, it may look like a regular cycling helmet, but behind the Myelin’s clean look hides a host of advanced technology and design details, such as the innovative use of a fabric weave shell, no use of adhesives, and a design for deconstruction, which allows the helmet to be separated into individual pieces at the end of its life.

The Myelin is a helmet designed for all cyclists, especially with everyday use and commuting in mind. The ability to simply deconstruct the helmet is achieved thanks to an innovative design and construction.

Half of the materials used in the Myelin are recycled and are secured together with strategically placed fasteners adhesives and laminated materials. This allows for the separation of individual pieces of material at the end of the helmet’s life.

“We wanted to question the idea that safety and sustainability could not obviously co-exist in a helmet. As a protection company our first priority is the safety of riders, but we also place on ourselves an obligation to use our planet’s resources respectfully. So, we wanted to challenge the conventional way of creating a helmet, in particular by starting with recycled materials, how it is manufactured and how it can be deconstructed so as to allow for all the materials to be used again.

We are immensely proud of the Myelin as it points to a world where resource use and protection merge naturally and provide even more reasons to ride a bike, which will help us all contribute to better and healthier lives.” Claes Nellestam, Senior Designer, POC

Once these fasteners are cut the helmet deconstructs into its constituent parts. Importantly it has been designed for deconstruction by anyone, simply, with the use of tools available in most homes.

A perfect illustration of the novel approach to allowing the pieces to be separated individually is the new fit system, which is inspired by the snap-fit systems seen in baseball caps.

It allows riders to fine-tune the helmet fit very simply and as often as needed. In addition, the straps are made in a single piece that crosses the entire helmet to keep everything secure, instead of using anchors moulded in the EPS. 

In developing the Myelin, POC has presented a view of what is possible. Creating products that can be designed with resource efficiency and durability in mind, inspiring all to see the potential ahead.

For more information head to the POC website.

First Look – Norman Mountain Biking

Australian Start-Up Norman launches sustainable mountain biking apparel line

Snowy Mountains-born clothing brand, Norman, is launching its first line of sustainably and ethically produced mountain biking apparel, combining support and utility with a modern, minimalist aesthetic. Norman’s debut collection synergises function and form – bringing a new, ethically made offering to Australia’s fast-growing mountain biking community

Identifying a gap in the market for ethically produced, stylish mountain biking clothing, Norman co-founder Jacinta Timmins and her business partner Charlie Timmins established the brand with the express mission of creating durable clothing that helps male and female mountain bikers feel comfortable on and off the bike. Through Norman’s high-function range, that sense of comfort comes not only from technical designs and lightweight fabrics, but from refined styles and a commitment to sustainability that puts riders’ consciences at ease too. 

With the comfort of female riders top of mind, Jacinta wanted to develop options that made people proud to wear their gear on and off the trail. The desire to create more stylish yet technically high-function options also opened the door for Norman to tackle the issue of sustainability, which has a traditionally poor track record in the mountain biking community. 

The range of tech tees, long sleeve jerseys, and shorts are hand-made in Australia from ethically sourced fabrics, including a high-function poly/nylon blend made from recycled ocean plastic from Repreve. On choosing to take a sustainable approach to sourcing and production.

It was a no-brainer to use exclusively sustainable and ethically manufactured materials, as well as local makers. What we’ve come up with is high-quality, environmentally friendly, technical riding gear that you can wear riding and then to the pub.” Jacinta Timmins

Norman’s commitment to preserving the planet also extends to a carbon-neutral approach, through their partnership with Keep It Cool, a Snowy Mountains-based not-for-profit that works to offset carbon production through community tree-planting initiatives. In an effort to promote mindful consumption and reduce industry waste, Norman also offers repair services on all their products.

Norman was founded on the principle that function, style, and environmental consciousness don’t have to be mutually exclusive. We wanted to bring riders the option; an opportunity to buy gear that was both technically effective and, most importantly, green,” Jacinta Timmins

Comprised of Tech Tees, Long Sleeve Jerseys, and Shorts in a range of organic, dark, and muted tones, the products in Norman’s debut range retail between $89.95 and $139.95

For more information or to purchase, please visit, and follow Norman on Instagram @normanmountainbiking

First Look – PNW Components Range Pedal


Houston we have … no problems here. The all-new Range Pedal is the perfect blend of comfort, grip, affordability, and colorful pops for the best no-compromise flat pedal this side of the Mississippi. And the other side, too.

The new Range Pedals are a no-compromise flat pedal that blends comfort, grip, affordability, and colorful pops. Based on the Loam Pedal’s platform, the Range Pedal features 22 replaceable steel pins per pedal and a comfortable platform shape for all-day riding. For easy maintenance, the Range Pedals are also fully rebuildable with a PNW Rebuild Kit. 

Designed for maximum comfort and maximum clearance, this flat pedal will cradle your feet in the least creepy way possible while keeping all those trail obstacles outta your business.

Keep the weight down while keeping some dollars in your pocket with PNW’s sweet, sweet composite blend.

The team at PNW ate a lot of skittles while they were developing these. But don’t worry. If you’re the low-key emo type, they’ve also got your back with Blackout Black or the classic Cement Grey.


• Weight: 390g per pair
• Pedal Body Material: Glass fiber-reinforced nylon composite
• Axle: Chromoly steel
• Bearings: Cartridge bearing, roller bearing, and inboard bushing
• Pins: 22 steel pins and nuts per pedal
• Platform Size: 115x108mm


PNW Components Range Pedal: MSRP $49 USD

FIRST LOOK – PNW Components Women’s MTB Apparel

PNW Components Launches Women’s MTB Apparel 

PNW Components announced their new Spring ‘22 Women’s Apparel line, featuring a women’s-specific jersey and shorts. Driven by the desire to offer all riders functional and durable gear, PNW Components has launched their first women’s specific trail apparel. 

Building on PNW’s apparel launch in 2021, which featured unisex and men’s-specific trailwear, PNW has now entered the women’s-specific category with the Ozone Trail Jersey and Shuttle Short. Developed by women, the new line offers high-performance garments in a comfortable, functional, and affordable package. 

“We’re so excited to contribute to the rapidly-growing women’s MTB space. These pieces are our answer to what we’ve been missing in our trail gear.” – Emily Stevenson Kerson, Co-Founder, PNW Components. 

The Ozone Trail Jersey

A powerhouse blend of 80% polyester and 20% wool makes this jersey exceptionally soft, breathable, moisture-wicking, and anti-bacterial. It’s also bluesign® approved, guaranteeing the fabric meets the demanding requirements of the highest environmental standards for the textile industry. MSRP $49 USD 

The Shuttle Short

No more knee pad gaps and disappointing pockets. The women’s Shuttle Short ticks all the boxes with a long inseam, contoured hem, and four pockets to stow your plus-sized smartphone and a full serving of fruit snacks. Rounded out with 4-way stretch and DWR coating, these trail shorts keep things comfy and dry all day. MSRP $99 USD 

Committed to Sustainability

PNW’s apparel is manufactured from bluesign® and OEKOTEX® certified fabrics, and ships in compostable and biodegradable packaging. Like all PNW Components-branded products, the Spring ‘22 Women’s Apparel is covered by PNW’s Lifetime Warranty. PNW is committed to cover any failure due to a manufacturing defect and will repair or replace without charge to the original owner. 

Stay tuned for our full test and review, coming soon!

Riding with your toddler just got more epic

Kids Ride Shotgun release new pro handlebar for MTB families 

In case you missed it, last year, the guys and gals from Kids Ride Shotgun released their new shotgun pro-child seat. Built for kids 2-5 years, the pro seat was an evolution on their original shotgun mountain bike seat, featuring zero frame contact, and most importantly – quick release fitting. 

Today the brand has released their new pro handlebars to match the pro seat, providing a rad-looking quick-release handlebar option for mountain bike parents. 

Being quick release, the new pro bars from shotgun create an instant cockpit setup for your toddler, and most importantly, stop your little one from playing with your brakes and dropper post whilst you shred the trails together. 

The extra-wide bars feature custom undersized 19mm grips specifically designed for little hands and incorporate the same styling from the pro seat. 

The new bars are available as a combo with the shotgun pro-child seat, or stand-alone for those with a child seat already. Mountain bike parents can get them from their local bike shop, or order at 


  • Shotgun Pro Child Bike Seat Handlebars – RRP $100 AUD 
  • Shotgun Pro Child Bike Seat + Handlebars Combo – RRP $490 AUD 

First Look – POC Otocon

The brand-new Otocon – totally protected, fully ventilated

POC has released its brand-new and award-winning full-face helmet, the Otocon. Developed for the precise needs of enduro riders, the Otocon brings together new ideas and perspectives, setting a benchmark for what can be integrated and achieved in a full-face helmet. Safety, weight, ventilation, material fusion, fit, and adjustment are just some of the defining features of the Otocon. 

The Otocon Race Mips and Otocon are brand-new helmets focused on exceptional low weight and high ventilation levels, combined with a host of advanced protection. The Ibis Enduro racing team riders will use the Otocon throughout the EWS season and have been a fundamental part of the development process.

The Otocon Race Mips, in particular, is the epitome of POC’s ‘Whole Helmet Concept™’ with a variety of digital integration, such as Recco and an NFC medical ID chip, and the inclusion of Mips Integra. Weighing a mere 750g (size medium), the Otocon Race Mips uses two different liner materials optimized for function and protection in their respective part of the helmet: the upper zone with EPS and the lower zone with EPP. 

Product details – Otocon v Otocon Race Mips

The Otocon will feature many of the same innovations which will come as standard in the Otocon Race Mips, such as the Race Lock, break-away peak, dual-density liner, Recco, etc. The Otocon will not feature Mips Integra, twICEme® NFC Medical ID, aramid, and the extra bad weather peak. 

Key features:

  • Highly ventilated
  • Lightweight
  • Mips Integra
  • Race lock
  • twICEme® NFC Medical ID 
  • RECCO® Reflector
  • Strap retention
  • Removable grill 
  • Removable cheek pads 
  • PC SHell
  • Break-away peak / bad weather peak
  • Weight: Otocon Race Mips – XS = 590gr, S = 680 gr, M = 750gr, L = 850gr / Otocon – XS = 530gr, S = 620gr, M = 680gr, L = 780gr

Ventilation channels inspired by POC’s road helmets allow for unrestricted and maximum airflow. A break-away peak is included to reduce the chance of neck injuries, and a brand-new strap and size adjustment system support a finely tuned fit and retention so riders can ride with or without pads.

Highly ventilated 

An essential feature of the Otocon is the cooling effect enhanced by the interior ventilation channels, which POC’s award-winning road helmets have inspired. The ventilation channels create unrestricted airflow through the helmet, providing cooling airflow at high and low speeds. 


All the benefits of exceptional protection come in an incredibly lightweight package. A medium Otocon Race Mips will weigh a mere 750g, making it comfortable and easy to use all day long and amongst the very lightest full-face helmets around. The Otocon, which will have slightly fewer features, will weigh an astounding 680g (size medium), providing even more choice for riders seeking an even lighter helmet.


Commenting on the Otocon, POC’s Chief Product Officer, Oscar Huss said – “We have built up a wealth of experience supporting athletes at the very pinnacle of their sports. We wanted to develop the lightest possible full-face helmet that would meet the needs of modern-day Enduro riders, with the very best in performance, protection, ventilation and all-day comfort. The Otocon defies conventional thinking, it will protect you wherever you want to go, and you will forget you’re wearing it.”

Mips Integra

The Otocon features Mips Integra, a new system first released with POC’s Kortal Race Mips mountain bike helmet in 2021. Developed in partnership with Mips it brings together all the benefits of rotational impact protection in an almost invisible package, the best of all worlds.

Race Lock 

A brand-new integrated fit adjustment system, the’ Race Lock’ has been inspired by POC’s World Cup ski racing helmets. The integrated adjuster at the back of the helmet makes it easy to find each rider’s unique 360° fit, enhancing comfort and safety. The unique construction and position of the Race Lock mean that it will never interfere with a rider’s neck and allow for the broader range of movement needed in enduro and gravity riding. It is designed to work perfectly with a goggle strap, allowing total adjustment without any interference.

Strap retention 

The Otocon introduces a new strap retention system. Taking years of experience in helmet development, the Otocon features a new anchor system more in tune with trail helmets than conventional full-face helmets. The rider will benefit from a strap retention system that gives an extensive range of adjustments, is more secure and allows the helmet to work with or without cheek pads.

Removable cheek pads 

The cheek pads are removable and easy to remove while riding, which will provide even more ventilation when required, such as between enduro race stages. Thanks to the new fit system, the helmet can also be used without pads as the helmet will always be secure.

twICEme® NFC Medical ID 

The helmet that can speak for you when you can’t™’. The twICEme® NFC Medical ID can support user safety and protection by storing a rider’s medical profile and emergency contact details in the helmet, allowing easy access by other riders, medical teams and first responders.

RECCO® Reflector

Modern mountain bikes can take you anywhere, and it is liberating, but it places even more importance on being searchable if you get lost involved in an accident. An integrated RECCO® Reflector helps rescue services easily and quickly locate you if something goes wrong. 

Dual-material liner 

An innovative approach to the helmet development process has resulted in a helmet that features the strength and durability of an EPP multi-impact chin bar, which also improves durability and an EPS liner in the upper section which creates a lighter helmet and provides for a precise balance. 

Aramid Bridges and an Injection-molded liner  

The transition between EPP and EPS in the helmet is structurally enhanced with an injection-molded cage for extra strength and stability. Aramid bridges are molded to the helmet liner to improve structural stability and penetration protection. 

Removable grill 

The grill in the chin piece – there to protect the rider from mud and other trail debris – has been designed to be easily removable, even on the go. It can be removed simply with a push. Riders who want even more airflow or who are riding in hot conditions can decide to use the grill or not. 

PC Shell 

The Otocon features a PC outer shell construction that delivers a wonderful balance of lightweight performance with durability. 

Break-away peak 

Featured on many of POC’s mountain bike helmets is a patented break-away peak that will fly off the helmet in a fall or when striking an object, enhancing neck protection. And which can then be easily re-attached.

Bad weather peak

The Otocon Race Mips will come with a separate clip-on peak extension which provides even more protection from mud and rain, allowing the rider to see better in bad conditions. It has no moving parts and is designed to snap into place on the top of the peak. A feature inspired directly by the Ibis Enduro racing team riders.

Where to buy / Price

The Otocon and the Otocon Race Mips will be available later in April/May. Both will be available online and in selected retail stores.

  • Otocon Race Mips – EURO 329.95 / GBP 300 / USD 350 / SEK 3,299 / CAD 420 / AUD 500 / NZD 540
  • Otocon – EURO 269.95 / GBP 240 / USD 270 / SEK 2,699 / CAD 310 / AUD 425 / NZD 465

First Look – Revel Rail 29

The Ranger, Rascal & Rail 27.5 are bikes that have blown us away in terms of engineering, build quality, and performance, but there was always one that we’ve been frothing to see since we swung a leg over the Rail 27.5 a few years ago. Finally, the long-anticipated Rail 29 from Revel has arrived.  With an already impressive stable of bikes, the new 29’er Rail will complement and fill the empty spot in their lineup and one we have all have been waiting for.

Revel has spent years designing, testing, riding, and refining this bike. The Rail29 represents the best of what the team has learned since launching the Revel brand just three short years ago.

Photo credit: Worldwide-Cyclery

We absolutely loved the Rail 27.5, which we reviewed a couple of years ago but we have to admit, we have been eagerly waiting for the news of a longer travel 29 er to come out of the Revel stable ever since, and here we are!

With 29” wheels, bigger bearings, beefier hardware, and an absurdly well-tuned CBF suspension platform, this bike will be something very special.


With the larger wheels, 160mm up front paired with 150mm of rear travel, the Rail29 will be right at home on the top of any enduro race track, bike park, or all-day epics in the hills. Revel claim that this bike exudes confidence in any terrain and will have you smiling for miles as you Rail corners and Revel the trail.

Photo credit: Worldwide-Cyclery

Now everything you loved about the Rail 27.5, is now available with bigger wheels!

Photo credit: Worldwide-Cyclery

Geometry and Sizing

Balanced, dialed geometry that is modern but not too modern. The bike has a 76-degree seat angle for a perfect balance between pedaling power and a centered rider position. The reach is slightly longer than our other bikes for a more aggressive, faster feel. A 65-degree head angle is the right balance between speed on the downhills and technical handling ability on all terrain. After studying these numbers, go give the Rail29 a test ride to see what it’s all about!

Photo credit: Worldwide-Cyclery

CBF Explained

CBF™ focuses on designing around the Center of Curvature (CC) and balancing that with the Instant Center (IC). Until now, most suspension systems have focused solely on the IC. CBF points the chain line and drives forces directly into the IC throughout 100-percent of the travel by balancing the CC over the chainring, resulting in maximum pedaling efficiency, regardless of where you are in the travel, what terrain you are on or what kind of power you’re putting down.

All the power you put into the pedals propels you in one direction–forward—allowing the suspension to do its job completely independent of drivetrain and braking forces, and making the sag setting much less important. When we first rode the largely-unknown CBF system, we knew it was something special, and we knew we could make the best riding carbon mountain bikes using this magical formula.

Build Options

At the time of this post, we only have the US price options available but rest assured, the Australian importers will soon have more information for us.

Click HERE for the full build specs.

  • GX EAGLE KIT: $5,999USD
  • X01 EAGLE KIT: $8,299
  • XX1 EAGLE AXS KIT: $10,999USD


  • Everything you loved about the Rail, now with bigger wheels! 
  • 65 head tube angle with 160mm fork (64.5 with 170mm), 76 seat tube angle on Revel with 160mm fork, 436mm chainstay, Reach: 447mm (M), 469mm (L), Seattube length: 415.5 (M), 453.5 (L)
  • Universal derailleur hanger (UDH)
  • Completely redesigned linkage hardware, that only requires a 6mm hex key to disassemble the entire rear linkage without having to remove the crankset. 
  • Bigger bearings at all pivots. Increased durability, better seals seal spec and only one row of bearings needed.
  • Better compatible with coil shocks (shorter yoke helps)
  • Our first bike with ISCG-05 tabs
  • Extra seat post insertion for longer droppers on all sizes
  • Molded Revel Chainstay protection
  • Colors: 
    • Lead King, black with just the right amount of sparkle… 
    • Shred Velvet Cake, velvet cake yet candy red in the sun


Wheel Size29″
Front Travel160mm (170mm max)
Rear Travel155mm
Fork44mm Offset, 59mm Crown Diameter
Rear Shock230mm x 60 – 22.2 x 8mm Hardware Spec
Rear Dropout148mm Spacing, SRAM UDH
Rear AxleRevel UDH Boost 12×177 1.0mm Thread Pitch
Seatpost Diameter31.6mm / 34.9mm clamp
Seatpost Insertion Depth300+mm (all sizes)  *Verify tire clearance to dropped saddle at bottom out before use. 
Bearings4x BOLU 6902V, 2x BOLU 3802V, 4x BOLU 6801V
Rear BrakePost Mount, 180mm direct / 203mm max
Tyre Clearance29″ x 2.4″ (rear)
Bottom Bracket73mm BSA Standard
ChainringMax 36T Round / 34T Oval, 52mm Chainline
ISCG TabsISCG-05 Standard
HeadsetIS42 upper / IS52 lower
Bottle Mounts2 (top and bottom of downtube)
ColoursLead King / Shred Velvet Cake
SizesS / M / L / XL
Frame WarrantyLifetime Warranty(Details HERE)


Photo credit: Worldwide-Cyclery

FIRST LOOK – New Enduro Footwear

Step up your ride in Endura Footwear 

Sticky situations. Not usually something high on the wish list and not usually something you want to find yourself in, with just one exception that is. When it comes to MTB shoes, a sticky situation is precisely what you’re after, it’s what you dream of, it’s the goal, the very aim of the game.

A non-sticky situation is at best a pedal slip, at worst it’s painfully gouging a chunk of flesh out of your calf or losing a race. Not good, not what you wanted at all.

Step forward, pun intended the all-new Endura MTB footwear collection. Crammed to the gills with technology and innovation to make your pedal stroke smoother, stiffer, and more comfortable, with better power transfer and crucially a super durable sole made of glue… OK, it’s not made of glue, but it’s as sticky as hell… which is precisely why Endura have named it StickyFOOT™.

The new Endura footwear comes in a choice of clipless or flats with a mouth-watering selection of colours.

Find out more about the new MTB footwear at .


PNW Release Their NEW Loam Flat Pedal

Year on year, PNW Components have been growing their product line with the latest launch being the new “Loam” flat alloy pedal. Designed for the everyday trail rider, the Loam Pedal delivers enough grip to hang on through sketchy terrain while also allowing flexibility for quick foot readjustments.

The Loam Pedal is focused on delivering the perfect balance of grip and features a low profile and unobtrusive bearings that stay out of the way, as well as a slightly concave shape that allows shoes to settle in and remain planted and comfortable for long rides.

“Bikes are better with pedals, so we made some.”
Todd Cannatelli, CMO, PNW Components

The all-new Loam Pedal from PNW Components is focused on delivering performance, balance, and durability.

New Loam alloy pedals are built to last and are backed by a Lifetime Warranty. 

Built to last, the Loam Pedal features sealed cartridge bearings and steel pins.

With maintenance in mind, the pedal can be easily disassembled with a single hex wrench, and pins can be removed and replaced by threading them out from the underside of the pedal body. 

The PNW Loam Pedal ships in compostable and biodegradable packaging, and like all PNW Components branded products, the Loam Pedals are covered by the same Lifetime Warranty. PNW is committed to covering any failure due to a manufacturing defect and will repair or replace without charge to the original owner. 

Retail MSRP: $99 USD


  • Black Out (Black)
  • Nickelback (Silver)
  • Fruit Snacks (Purple)

Product Details:

  • 445 Grams (Pair)
  • Forged and post-CNC’d 6061 aluminum
  • (2) Sealed cartridge bearings and (1) roller bearing
  • Platform size: 105mm wide x 115mm long
  • 22 Custom replaceable pins per pedal, threaded in from underside
  • Fully rebuildable and serviceable

Find out more by asking for them at your local bike store or head to the PNW Components website.

Can be purchased at MTB Direct and other good online retailers or ask at your local bike shop.

FIRST LOOK – PNW Rover Hip Pack

PNW Components Launches New Rover Hip Pack

PNW Components today launched their new Rover Hip Pack, extending the brand’s expansion into soft goods and apparel offerings. Following the launch of PNW’s Fall 2021 apparel line, PNW’s new Rover Hip Pack offers comfortable and secure storage, backed by a Lifetime Warranty. 

No frills, just pockets, the new Rover Hip Pack is designed to simply and elegantly hold anything that riders want to carry.

The pack features a main compartment for larger items, a secure neoprene padded pocket to keep riders’ phones safe, and two wing pockets that allow riders to easily access smaller essentials without having to remove the pack. 

To ensure durability while keeping things lightweight, the Rover Hip Pack employs tri-layer sailcloth laminate fabric. Each of the Rover’s wings is individually adjustable with tension locks to quickly and easily secure the pack, and a padded air mesh back panel optimizes rider comfort and keeps things cool. 

The Rover Hip Pack is complete with polyurethane-coated YKK zippers to ensure gear stays dry, as well as an internal key clip and a detachable water bottle holder. 

Maintaining PNW’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, the tri-layer sailcloth laminate fabric used in the Rover Hip Pack is manufactured from 100% recycled polyester, and the pack ships in compostable and biodegradable packaging.

Like all PNW Components branded products, the Rover Pack is covered by the same Lifetime Warranty. PNW is committed to cover any failure due to a manufacturing defect and will repair or replace without charge to the original owner. 

The Rover Hip Pack is available in two colors, Dark Matter (Black) and Star Dust (Light Brown). Retail MSRP: $69 USD / $94 AUD


PNW Components Launches MTB Apparel Line

Loyal to customer requests and fueled by a desire to offer durable and functional goods at a reasonable price, PNW Components has launched their first apparel line consisting of a unisex jacket and jersey, and a men’s-specific short. A steady request from customers asking for PNW riding gear pushed them to fully commit to entering the category.

Over two years of work have culminated in a combination of thoughtful, technical details and understated aesthetics so you don’t feel like an overly-sponsored NASCAR driver when on a ride (but that’s cool if that’s what you’re going for). Most importantly, PNW’s aim, as always, was to make sure each product married functionality and durability at a reasonable price point. 

Following the same standards as their bike components, PNW’s new apparel line offers garments that are affordable, hold up to the elements, and can be trusted for the long haul.

“To support our riders, we wanted to make apparel that feels good, looks good, and will stand the test of time. See you out on the trail!”
Aaron Kerson, Co-Founder, PNW Components.

The Lander Jacket

A lightweight trail companion designed for densely forested descents and foggy morning climbs. Designed with an anti-flop back pocket storage system, a helmet-friendly hood, and an adventure accommodating fabric to keep you focused on the trail ahead.

The Ozone Trail Jersey

Woven from a smart mix of 20% wool and 80% polyester, this jersey is luxuriously soft, breathable, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and anti-bacterial. Sleep easy knowing this jersey is Bluesign® approved, guaranteeing the fabric meets the demanding requirements of the highest environmental standards for the textile industry.

The Shuttle Short

Focused on comfort, this trail short features a lightweight and mobile fabric that keeps the elements out and all your gear secure, including a cell phone pocket so good at securing your phone you’ll forget you even brought it.


Committed to sustainability, PNW’s apparel is manufactured from bluesign® and OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics, and ships in compostable and biodegradable packaging. Like all PNW Components branded products, the Fall ’21 MTB Apparel is covered by the same Lifetime Warranty. PNW is committed to covering any failure due to a manufacturing defect and will repair or replace without charge to the original owner.

“Thank you to all our customers and brand fans! Thanks for keeping biking fun, we love y’all.”
Emily Kerson, Co-Founder, PNW Components.

Price / Where to Buy

The prices below are based on the USD conversion at the time of this post. Prices may be subject to change.

  • The Lander Jacket: MSRP: $199 AUD
  • The Ozone Trail Jersey: MSRP $80 AUD
  • The Shuttle Short: MSRP $133 AUD

For more information head on over to the PNW Components website.

In terms of where to buy in Australia, stay tuned for more details, plus our full review!

FIRST LOOK – Rocky Mountain Element

Climb fast. Descend even faster. Welcome to your Element.

Purpose-built to hit the precise sweet spot between lightweight cross country climbing prowess and technical precision, the Element is the best of both worlds and more. New-levels of climbing efficiency guarantees that oh-so-sweet feeling of riding someone off your wheel. Added levels of stability on fast descents and a pseudo-aggressive seat tube angle provides surprising levels of confidence on tight single track and hairy descents. Light. Stiff. Fast. Smooth. Precise. You’re now in your Element—always. 

What sets the Element apart?

Earth. Air. Fire. Water. Ride ’em all (well, maybe not fire). Purpose-built to hit the precise sweet spot between lightweight cross country climbing prowess and technical precision, the Element is the best of both worlds and more.

The Perfectly Balanced Advantage.

It’s light. It’s stiff. It climbs. It does everything you expect a good cross country bike to do. But then, its subtly aggressive geometry and lengthened wheelbase changes the game when descending and charging fast, rough, technical sections of singletrack. 

Lightweight Trail Dominance

With 120mm of smooth, progressive travel, the Element is in a totally different league than every cross country bike that came before it. Progressive geometry means you can not only ride more trails up and down than ever—they’re now faster, too.

It’s the lightest, most agile, and capable bike I have ever ridden. It’s been motivating me to go farther and faster on my favorite type of rugged backcountry rides that I used to leave my XC bike at home for. This is a new type of XC riding for me – and I’m loving it!” Sam Schultz

The Comfort of Competence

Soaking up aggressive sections of the trail means more matches to burn as the day goes on. Ride further than ever in surprising levels of comfort. Keep cottonmouth at bay with plenty of room to carry two full-sized bottles. Ride more trails than ever—and do it comfortably. 

Since the 90s, the Element has gapped the pack in delivering a game-changing XC riding rig. That hasn’t changed.

The latest? Smart and intuitive RIDE-4 tuning that lets riders quickly fine-tune their geometry and suspension setup for the fastest possible trail solution. A more compliant frame setup than ever boosts comfort without sacrificing speed. Plenty of frame room for two bottles ensures you’ll be able to keep the pace hot all day long. 

It is incredibly light and efficient but somehow rides like a trail bike, a combination that eliminates any weak points and allows to push on all sections of a race course. Outside of racing, I love the feeling of being way the hell out there! The Element is perfect for that, you can cover ground all day without holding anything back.”  Felix Burke

RIDE-4™ adjustment system

The RIDE-4 adjustment system allows riders to quickly fine-tune their geometry with a pair of Allen keys. Four configurations are possible thanks to one rotating chip.

SMOOTHLINK™ suspension

Smoothlink suspension is efficient yet supple when you’re on the pedals and across a wide range of gears. It features a controlled end-stroke and a rate-curve that feels more capable than the travel would suggest. This four-bar suspension design philosophy is centred on ride characteristics.

Bottle clearance and mount options

The lower bottle mounts have two positions, giving you the option to mount the lower bottle closer or further from your hand depending on your chosen configuration.


Smoothwall Carbon uses one of the world’s most sophisticated carbon processes to deliver industry-leading stiffness-to-weight, ride quality, and durability.

FORM™ alloy

FORM™ tubesets utilize premium materials to meet our strict requirements. Each FORM™ tube that we create is engineered for its specific purpose within the frame, ensuring optimized strength, weight, and ride quality.

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All fun no Fourby4

Introducing the Tyaughton: Knolly’s new 29’ hardtail comes in titanium or steel, and can run a 150mm or 160mm fork, features advanced geometry, and incorporates an unapologetically high level of construction with fully custom tubing. The Tyaughton is everything you need for a super capable and playful hardtail trail bike.

The Tyaughton’s geometry has been designed from the ground up: we’ve utilized our extensive knowledge from our full suspension line-up to ensure that this bike rides as competently as our suspension models while still being incredibly balanced across all types of terrain. While conceived as an “all around, do everything bike”, the Tyaughton is extremely progressive and suited both for big days in the saddle as well as shredding your local trails. 

Progressive Geometry

The Tyaughton features a 64.5-degree head angle with a 150mm fork (or a 64-degree head angle with a 160mm fork) which makes it capable on both technical up tracks and steep descents. The seat tube angle is ideally positioned at 75 degrees to deliver an efficient climbing position while also ensuring that the rider’s hands and knees are comfortable during epic days.

The front end of the bike is long to increase the room in the cockpit and allow the rider to stretch out. The chainstay is modest at 427mm, blending stability and maneuverability. It’s long enough to give the bike optimum balance across its wheelbase but short enough to get out of your way when you need to get the front end of the bike up. The back end of the bike is engineered for compliance and delivers a supple ride.

Tyaughton Steel

Knolly chose air-hardened steel because it’s malleable which allows them to craft the tubing to the exact specs they need. It’s also heat-treated to give high strength and durability. Knolly also apply an ED anti-corrosion coating on all our tubes so that the Tyaughton is ready for all weather conditions.

Tyaughton Titanium

The Tyaughton Titanium has been created from a dream material. Titanium is light, stiff, and long-lasting, providing a premium quality ride for discerning riders. With additional features and significant weight savings, the Tyaughton Titanium is the ultimate expression of mountain bike hardtail performance.

Custom Tubing

The Tyaughton Steel features a frame size-specific butted, bent, and formed tubeset that blends production level repeatability and precision with a craftsmen level of manufacturing.  It features a size-specific tubeset (small frames don’t get the same tubes as the XL and vice versa) and incorporates many of the titanium frame features including integrated ISCG05 chain guide tabs and a unique head tube. 

In addition, both Steel and Titanium frames have a unique head tube shape designed to maximize strength to support forks up to 170mm. Tubesets flow into custom CNC machined dropouts, yokes, and access ports (Titanium-only) so that stress risers are minimized. Even the included ISCG mount attaches cleanly into a recessed CNC machined pocket on the chainstay yoke.


We feature 157Trail rear hub spacing which uses the wide flange 157 hubs with 73mm BB shells. This spacing provides the most options for tire size and can easily clear tire widths up to 2.6. With 157Trail, heel clearance is exceptional and chainring clearance remains huge at 36T.


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We have always believed in human-centric sizing and design our bikes to deliver optimal reach, standover height, and geometry for a broad range of riders.