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Osprey Renn 65 – Pack Review

Osprey Renn 65 – Pack Review
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Osprey Renn 65 – Pack Review
Cut to the Chase
The Osprey Renn 65 is designed specifically for women as a lightweight, durable & comfortable pack, full of features to make the most of every hiking adventure. Featuring a LightWire peripheral frame that provides stability and comfort at a fraction of the weight of packs in similar ranges. The Renn 65 is a very capable and comfortable pack for single to multi-day hikes.
Lightweight & Adjustable
Comfortable & well ventilated harness system
Handy hip-belt pockets
Internal hydration sleeve
8 external compression straps
Versatile: good for camping, backpacking & overnight hikes
Fixed top lid
Minimalistic nature means lack of loops & attachment points common on heavier and technical packs

The lightweight pack for adventurous women

Hiking pack comfort & functionality can be the difference between an epic adventure and a painful weekend away.

The Osprey Renn 65 is designed specifically for women as a lightweight, durable & comfortable pack, full of features to make the most of every hiking adventure. 

Ready to embark on your first or fiftieth hiking trip? Or perhaps you’re trekking through our great Australian landscape? Osprey has raised the bar with their latest backpack series, ensuring every level of hiker experiences the innumerable benefits of carrying an Osprey pack. Introducing Osprey’s brand new Renn pack, that’s more comfortable and easier to navigate than a map!

Above: The Osprey Renn 65, women’s specific lightweight multi-day pack.


Made from durable fabrics, the Osprey Renn is lightweight but tough with 600D polyester main and 1000D nylon packcloth bottom. The included removable rain cover will have your back in those sudden and unexpected downpours. Even with all these features included, the pack weighs a mere 1.5kg, so no need to leave anything off your travel list. What’s more, the dual upper and lower side compression straps will secure your gear, giving the impression you’re carrying nothing at all!

osprey renn 653D-tensioned breathable mesh back panel with side ventilation. ©Tyres and Soles
osprey renn 65Fully adjustable and comfortable harness system. ©Tyres and Soles
osprey renn 65Easily adjustable harness length. ©Tyres and Soles

Immediately I noticed how incredibly light the Renn 65 felt to put on. The adjustable harness system was easy to use & supportive without being bulky or cumbersome.  All the basic features are well done with extra touches that make the difference; removable sleeping pad straps, rain cover as well as stretchy mesh side pockets & hip belt pockets
Practicalities aside, Osprey makes good looking packs. Far from the old-school, heavy-duty, dark coloured hiking packs, the Renn 65, like many others from their range, has that playful colour palette that stands out in the Australian bush. 

osprey renn 65The Osprey Renn comes with 8 compression straps. ©Tyres and Soles
osprey renn 65Drawcord top lid. ©Tyres and Soles
osprey renn 65Lower straps can accommodate large bundles, such as a tent. ©Tyres and Soles

Carrying Features

Airspeed Suspension

  • 4 mm LightWire peripheral frame effectively transfers the load from harness to hip belt

Airspeed Backpanel

  • 3D-tensioned breathable mesh backpanel with side ventilation


  • Soft edgeless padded mesh harness slides over the AirSpeed suspension offering over 4” of adjustability to ensure an excellent fit
  • Adjustable sternum strap with rescue whistle

Hip belt

  • Soft edgeless padded mesh offers a soft, breathable contact surface and large load support.
osprey renn 65The Renn is suited for single or multi-day hikes. ©Tyres and Soles
osprey renn 65Lightweight and comfortable, the Renn 65 from Osprey. ©Tyres and Soles
osprey renn 65The Osprey Renn 65 is a women’s specific pack with a load Range: 14-18kg. ©Tyres and Soles

On The Trails

The major downfall for many packs is the harness however this is where the Renn 65 really shines proving to be comfortable & supportive over the course of a long hike. The harness was easy to adjust with great weight distribution & padding. 

The hip belt pockets would have to be my favorite additional feature on the trails. Having snacks, a phone & lip balm (oh…did I mention snacks) easily accessible at all times is a convenience I didn’t know I was previously missing.

osprey renn 65

Above: The Renn 65 really shines proving to be comfortable & supportive over the course of a long hike. ©Tyres and Soles

osprey renn 65

Above: Handy zippered hip belt pockets. ©Tyres and Soles

The internal hydration sleeve is very handy, keeping the bladder & hydration tube in a convenient place. The rain cover was easy to access, quick to put on & bright which always make a difference in bad weather.

Although I usually prefer the fully adjustable top lid, the elastic on either side of the fixed top lid held everything in place, and I was amazed at how much gear could fit under there. The pack was a good volume for a 3-4 day hike but due to the lightweight nature would also pass for an overnight trip. 

Key Features

  • Women’s-specific sizing & fit
  • 4 mm LightWire peripheral frame effectively transfers the load from harness to hipbelt
  • Ventilated & comfortable back panel with torso adjustment system
  • Fixed top lid with zippered pocket
  • Osprey Daylite compatible with front panel cord loop attachment points
  • Dual upper & lower side compression straps
  • Zippered sleeping bag compartment with floating divider
  • Removable sleeping pad straps 
  • Dual mesh side pockets
  • Zippered hip belt pockets 
  • Removable rain cover
  • Internal hydration sleeve

Technical Specifications

  • Load Range: 14-18kg
  • One size 
  • Volume: 65L
  • Dimensions: 67H x 37W x 36D cm
  • Weight: 1.56kg
  • Main: 600D Polyester
  • Accent: 450D Polyester
  • Bottom: 1000D Nylon Packcloth


Osprey has nailed all the essentials (plus a few added extras) on the Renn 65 while keeping weight to a minimum, making it an awesome addition to any women’s adventure trek.
It boasts an extremely comfortable & adjustable harness & easily accessible storage elements meaning that you can save your energy for the adventure in front of you.

Price / Where to buy

Osprey Renn: RRP $219.95 ($189.95)

For further information about Osprey or to find your nearest stockist, visit or check out some of the stores below.

Hannah Porteous

Han Porteous is a Sydney based personal trainer and founder of Shift Wellbeing and #PARKSWEAT. As an adventure junkie she is a big believer in making movement fun and focuses on finding balance in life meaning being fit and healthy can be both enjoyable and sustainable.

This combination has led her the to Ultra Trail community and most weekends you can expect to find her out hiking or running, Sydney trails with a handful of friends and a tonne of enthusiasm.
Hannah Porteous

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