PNW Range Composite Pedal First Look

First Look – PNW Components Range Pedal


Houston we have … no problems here. The all-new Range Pedal is the perfect blend of comfort, grip, affordability, and colorful pops for the best no-compromise flat pedal this side of the Mississippi. And the other side, too.

The new Range Pedals are a no-compromise flat pedal that blends comfort, grip, affordability, and colorful pops. Based on the Loam Pedal’s platform, the Range Pedal features 22 replaceable steel pins per pedal and a comfortable platform shape for all-day riding. For easy maintenance, the Range Pedals are also fully rebuildable with a PNW Rebuild Kit. 

Designed for maximum comfort and maximum clearance, this flat pedal will cradle your feet in the least creepy way possible while keeping all those trail obstacles outta your business.

Keep the weight down while keeping some dollars in your pocket with PNW’s sweet, sweet composite blend.

The team at PNW ate a lot of skittles while they were developing these. But don’t worry. If you’re the low-key emo type, they’ve also got your back with Blackout Black or the classic Cement Grey.


• Weight: 390g per pair
• Pedal Body Material: Glass fiber-reinforced nylon composite
• Axle: Chromoly steel
• Bearings: Cartridge bearing, roller bearing, and inboard bushing
• Pins: 22 steel pins and nuts per pedal
• Platform Size: 115x108mm


PNW Components Range Pedal: MSRP $49 USD

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