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FIRST LOOK – Redesigned PNW Rainier Dropper Post with Adjustable Travel

FIRST LOOK – Redesigned PNW Rainier Dropper Post with Adjustable Travel

Admittedly, we think there’s no better outfit than muddy riding shorts and a touch too snug chamois; yet, we can still admire the clean lines and perfect fit of a freshly tailored suit.

While this may not be the work uniform of choice, PNW designed the all new Rainier to provide your bike with that same custom-tailored feel. The past version of this post is known for its consistency and reliability. While maintaining those qualities, this new iteration focuses on fitting more bikes, providing refined adjustability for the rider, and maintaining the weathertight construction.


The new Rainier introduces the Tool-less Travel Adjust System – say that 20 times fast. Traditionally dropper posts come in only a few travel options across a diameter size. This is a woefully small offering when you consider the range of body types and seat tube insertion lengths we’re all working with. Designed to provide further fit options, the new Rainier offers 30mm of travel reduction in 5mm increments.

So what’s the benefit?

Let’s say that after using the dropper post calculator on their website you’re right in between a 200 and 170mm travel post, maybe 185mm is the perfect amount of travel for your bike? Since the 200mm is too long, you’d have to buy a 170mm which leaves meat on the bone and doesn’t maximize the amount of travel you can actually fit. With the new Rainier’s tool-less travel adjust system you can quickly make the adjustment and be off to the trail with 15mm more travel than you would have had previously.


PNW has worked super hard on the adjustability of the new Rainier (seriously you should have seen the sweaty brows 😅), but that’s not all they have done to improve this dropper. They wanted the dropper to be able to fit into a wider range of bikes while maximizing the available travel. To do this the Rainier is now significantly shorter. Length reductions vary by travel but they’re able to knock out 27.5mm of overall length from the 125mm size. Nifty, right?


PNW has got a lot going on with this dropper, but the true beauty is the simplicity. The Tool-less Travel Adjust System is so easy to use you could even do it trailside. A fully-sealed cartridge guarantees reliability and less tinkering, and when it does finally come around to servicing – takes less than 10 minutes to do so.

If you are looking for a new dropper this season, think about those custom vitamins that have your name on them…do you enjoy popping those every morning? If yes, we think you’ll be stoked on the redesigned Rainier IR.

For more information on the redesigned Rainier Dropper Post, check it out on their website: PNW Components Rainier Dropper Post

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We are all in uncertain times with regard to COVID-19 and strong measures are being taken on all fronts to ‘flatten the curve’ and minimise the impacts on our society and economy. 
We all need to exercise some social responsibility and adhere to the advice being offered from medical professionals and those who are calling the shots - social distancing, self isolation, hygiene etc.
BUT -  if your circumstance allows it, it is as good a time as ever to head out on the trails to get some fresh air and exercise. 
Many of the small businesses which service us as riders are heading into tough times also. A lot of interstate travellers have cancelled trips to Tassie and your local bike shop, cafe, or pub needs your patronage more than ever!
One last thing - now is a time we should be conscious of riding well within our abilities so as to not risk placing unnecessary pressure on the health system at this uncertain juncture.

Happy trails!
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