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Milton McConville – Build Yourself – VIDEO

Milton McConville – Build Yourself – VIDEO

Milton McConville is young, charismatic, and almost always cracking jokes and poking fun. But beneath the light-hearted attitude and cheeky grin is a competitor looking to check off lofty goals.

Like so many, he wants to ride his bike but there’s also a desire to be good at a competitive level, to be fast. In 2019 Milton headed overseas for his first experience with World Cup DH racing. He took on the challenging Andorra course and in the toughest conditions experienced at the venue in years. His experience during the first World Cup didn’t align with his dreams.

After being served a healthy dose of humble pie at the hands of the Andorra World Cup track, Milton returned home eager to improve. That growth has included the typical focus on riding technique and physical training but he also got to work building a new trail. Milton felt his riding in Andorra was hampered by a lack of experience in similar conditions. With the venue being one of the steeper race tracks on the World Cup, he went hunting for similar terrain at home to hone his skills on.

Milton’s work ethic isn’t easily found when it comes to intervals or time spent in the gym – it’s out in the woods when his passion shines. He’s happy digging new lines and when most 16-year-olds are getting phones, cars or other fancy things for their sixteenth birthdays, Milton’s parents gave him a chainsaw. But he’s not just building trail because it will help his goals with riding – he genuinely enjoys it. He has the flips and tricks but has the terrain and now trails to help him work on the speed and flow to succeed.

We look forward to seeing Milton’s riding progress in the coming year and with it, the results will come.

Video Production & Edit: Peter Wojnar
Credit: North Shore Billet

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