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Maglianera Socks – Apparel Review

by Jason Lorch

Rockin’ out with my socks out!

I may of mentioned my love affair with gloves in a previous post. Well, I have another one and it’s socks. I love em and cannot get enough of them. So you can imagine my excitement when we had the opportunity to work with Maglianera socks.

First off, we’re all for quality here at Tyres and Soles and we truly believe the saying “buy cheap and you buy twice“. Yes OK, it may initially cost a little bit extra (but not in this case) but it lasts ten times as long and typically a brand that produces quality products actually give a shit about those products and the customers they market to. Well, have no fear, Maglianera give a shit.

The Socks Have Landed

As soon as the package arrived at the office I was in like Flynn, tearing that bag open like a man on a mission. Oooo! Was my initial reaction. Each pair of socks come in a plastic ziplock bag with the Maglianera branding embossed into the surface…mmm real pretty.

maglianera sock review tyres and soles

The packaging doubles up as a smartphone case! Nice touch 🙂 Pic:©Jason Lorch

These ziplock bags double up as smartphone cases. We thought that was a really nice touch. If we can get some other use out of packaging then why not? Otherwise it simply goes into landfill sites, and that is not good. So good on you Maglianera for being so forward thinking.

maglianera sock review tyres and soles

Even the packaging is fun to play with. Shot through the packaging looking out of the office window. Pic:©Jason Lorch


Maglianera have some funky designs in their range so choosing a pair becomes tricky because I just want them all! After ooo’ing and ahhhh’ing for what seemed like eons I made my choice.

I couldn’t pick one so I went with three pairs that I felt represented the brand and what their all about i,e funky colours and what worked with my current bike/kit colours. Come on, you know it’s important ; )

maglianera sock review tyres and soles

My choice. Left to right: “Caleido”, “Caleido 2.0” and the classic “Miami”.

My line up was the Caleido, Caleido 2.0 and their classic, Miami. The Caleido’s have a slightly higher cuff of 21cm compared to the 18cm of the Miami.

I prefer the higher cuff on these because their not super high, so you can wear them without looking like your wearing footie socks, which some people do and I have no idea why. Who are these people? Well, I tell thee now. STOP IT! and get some Maglianera socks on your trotters, pronto.

maglianera sock review tyres and soles

Who ever thought socks could be this good? A wall of nom nom’ness. Pic:©Jason Lorch


As soon as you get them out of the pack and start feeling the texture, you will instantly feel the quality of these socks. They have a certain density and weight to them that’s reassuring. But don’t let that fool you, they are still a light pair of socks, it’s purely the way they have been constructed that oozes this high quality factor.

I guess it’s to be expected coming from an Italian brand. The knit and clothing industry does seem to be their forte. As well as fast cars, motorbikes, wine, food, the mafia…

maglianera sock review tyres and soles

It’s little surprises like these that put a smile on our face. Pic:©Jason Lorch


Pulling these socks on feels like one of those little guilty pleasures in life like popping and tearing open the tinfoil seal on that coffee tin, getting the cream at the top of the milk bottle, pulling on a fresh pair of undies straight out of the pack, opening a frosty tinny after a hot and dusty ride….shall I go on?

We’ve spoken about the goldilocks fit previously in one of our other posts, but seriously, these socks are incredible!

maglianera sock review tyres and soles

Maglianera Socks. Sighing a silent ahhhhh. Pic:©Jason Lorch

As you pull them on, you can feel the quality construction doing it’s job. They don’t feel as if they’re going to tear on you for starters. Which is a bonus.

As your toes fit snuggly into the toe box area, which is reinforced, and you pull on the 3cm double top elastic cuff  which has strength but give in equal measure and your heel slips into it’s re-inforced home, you sigh a silent ahhhhh.

maglianera sock review tyres and soles

Toight like a toiger. The Maglianera socks have a fantastically snug fit, with super high quality construction. I could just stay here all day…. Pic:©Jason Lorch

Maglianera use a Lycra mix and you can feel this as you pull them on, giving you confidence that they’re not going to fall apart within the first few rides.

As you pull them on, you can feel the lycra mix doing it’s job, wrapping themselves around your foot and calf. I think that’s the key features of these socks compared to others on the market.  It’s the high quality construction mixed with a super-snug and stretchy fit.

Then throw in their awesome pattern and colour designs, and in our book, we have a winning combination.

On The Trails

Walking about in a pair of socks in the office (looking like a twat) is one thing, albeit as nice as these are, we needed to test them in the field, as we do with all of our product reviews.

maglianera sock review tyres and soles

Maglianera Caleido 2.0..before. Pic:©Jason Lorch

maglianera sock review tyres and soles

Maglianera Caleido 2.0..during. Pic:©Jason Lorch

maglianera sock review tyres and soles

Maglianera Caleido 2.0..after. Pic:©Jason Lorch

I spoke at length with the Australian distributor (Fullbeam Australia) about the socks. Yes, yes…sounds sad doesn’t it but in fact socks, as I found out, are quite interesting. As are so many other things once you delve deeper into the details.

maglianera sock review tyres and soles

They go with my other shoes as well 🙂 Pic:©Jason Lorch

I was told that the socks get even better in terms of fit, once you’ve washed them a couple of times. This is completely opposite to normal socks. It has something to do with the weave and the technical materials, i,e Lycra etc in the fabric. Yes, strange but true. The socks start to form into your foot shape.

maglianera sock review tyres and soles

Just in case you haven’t seen enough pictures of my legs and feet already. Here they are in the Miami socks. Pic:©Jason Lorch


Well, I’m wearing mine after ten washes and I have to say, they are still feeling bloomin’ fantastic!

I do feel a little guilty as I look at all the socks I’ve accumulated over the years and know, that they will never again have the delightful pleasure of caressing my pinkies. Crappy socks are dead! Long live Maglianera! Is that enough of a conclusion for you?

Price: $33.00

Where To Get Them?

Maglianera Cycling Socks are 100% Hand Made in Italy, Milan. Now available in Australia through FullBeam Australia. Get into them!

Full Beam Australia logo


Tech Specs:

  • High cuff (18 – 21cm)
  • 3cm double top elastic
  • Reinforced heel & toe
  • Elastic support and cuff for a perfect fit
  • Seamless toe closure
  • Lycra® Sport
  • Q-skin: Is an innovative technology able to maintain the natural balance of the skin preventing body odour. Efficiency, breathability, antibacterial action, Freshness and comfort.
    – 97% polyamide
    – 3% elastic
  • Every pair of socks comes packaged with a special resealable waterproof envelope.  The envelope can be used to protect your mobile and documents from sweat and rain. It fits all smartphones and lets you use the touchscreen and the control interfaces of your mobile phone.
  • Price: $33.00

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